Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Malossi O2 Controllers from VE (UK)

Malossi are known the world over for manufacturing class leading and innovative performance products for all capacities of scooter from 50cc through to 650cc, and the addition of the "O2 controller" further emphasises their expertise in tuning the larger capacity scooters.

When tuning a 4T Maxi Scooter with fuel injection, the values given by the Lambda sensor makes the engine run leaner than you would like for optimum performance. This is where this product from Malossi steps in to the equation. The O2 controller from Malossi connects inline between the original Lambda sensor and the CDI converting the received signals and modifying them to give the optimal air to fuel ratio. In turn this leads to an increase in performance across the whole rev range. 

The Malossi O2 controller is also the perfect part to use when upgrading the exhaust system to a performance unit, allowing you to fully benefit from the increase in performance offered.

The O2 controller is available for a wide range of Maxi Scooters from 125cc to 650cc manufactured by Aprilia, Derbi, Gilera, Honda, Peugeot, Piaggio, Vespa, and Yamaha.

VE (UK) are the official Factory Appointed Sole UK Importer for Malossi Performance Products. VE (UK) stocks the full range for both classic and automatic scooter models. 

To browse the complete range of Malossi Performance Products available from VE (UK), visit www.ve-uk.com

You can now order online at www.ve-uk.com 

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Starter Motors & Bendix Gears from VE (UK)

With all modern scooters featuring electric start systems as their primary method of starting. VE (UK) stock an excellent range of starter motors and bendix gears for most capacities of automatic scooter.

The starter motor is one of the highest wear electrical components on todays automatic scooters, it gets a hammering in normal use, and suffers more under strain in the cold. With many larger capacity machines now relying on the starter motor as the only method of starting the machine, (ie. machines with no kickstart mechanism), should the starter motor fail, it renders the machine unusable. Add to this water and dirt ingress, and wear is accelerated causing premature failure. We supply starter motors for machines from 50cc to 500cc.

The bendix gear is used in conjunction with the starter motor and it can also suffer wear through repeated use, as it engages and disengages from the starter ring gear. The VE range of bendix gears caters for the most popular 50-200cc automatic scooters.

All of VE’s starter motors and bendix gears are manufactured to meet or exceed OE specifications.

To view the complete range of starter components available from VE (UK), visit: www.ve-uk.com 

You can now order online at www.ve-uk.com   

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Lambretta Stainless Steel Sprint Racks

Owners of Classic Lambretta scooters looking to add luggage carrying capabilities whilst maintaining the streamlined look of their scooter will love the stainless steel sprint racks available from VE (UK).

Available for Series 2, Series 3, and Series 3 models fitted with an Ancillotti style seat, they are manufactured from high quality stainless steel to help resist the elements. Polished to a high gloss finish they will add a touch of sparkle to any Lambretta, whilst adding much needed luggage carrying space.

To view the complete range of Lambretta accessories available from VE (UK), visit: www.ve-uk.com 

You can now order online at www.ve-uk.com   

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Michelin Power Pure Tyres from VE (UK)

VE (UK) stock a great range of high quality scooter tyres from Michelin that offer excellent life and grip, with technology that has been passed down from motorcycle racing. 

The "Power Pure" tyre from Michelin has been designed to give owners enhanced grip across the entire tread pattern, utilising a "Dual Compound" structure to promote confidence in cornering which in turn promotes safety. The centre portion of the tread features a harder compound to provide lower rolling resistance while increasing the amount of rubber in contact with the road, with the shoulders of the tyre being constructed from a softer rubber to enhance grip in the corners.

The "Power Pure" tyre offers the user comfort with a sporty performance and improved tyre life. Available in 12" and 13” fitments.

To view the complete range of tyres available from VE (UK), visit: www.ve-uk.com 

You can now order online at www.ve-uk.com   

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

FACO Tween Screens - The Scooter Screen for All Seasons

FACO, Italian scooter accessory manufacturer, imported in the UK exclusively by VE (UK), manufacture the perfect screen for owners who require more than one size to see them through the changing seasons. 

This screen is neither a short sports style screen or a medium height affair, it’s both - as well as everything in between. Adjusted by simply slackening two thumb screws and sliding the clear top portion up or down behind the lower tinted section to suit your requirements, makes this screen an ideal choice for the year round Scooterist. This means you can alter the height of the screen at the traffic lights while waiting for them to change.

Available for the following Vespa models: GT/GTS, LX, Primavera 2014>, PX, and Sprint 2014>.

To view the complete range of screens available from VE (UK), visit: www.ve-uk.com 

You can now order online at www.ve-uk.com   

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Lambretta Seat Covers from VE (UK)

VE (UK) has some great products for Lambretta owners looking to refresh that tired looking seat on their scooter. Our range of replacement seat covers are available for many models of the Classic brand.

The range includes both single and dual seat variants dependant on model. Dual seat fittings include SX, GP, and TV models, while the single seat covers are available for the LI and LD models. 

Of particular note for Lambretta SX owners are the dual seat covers which are available in white with a red stripe, and white with a black stripe allowing further customisation of their machine.

All our replacement seat covers are manufactured from high quality materials, and are supplied complete with the required fittings, are pre-shaped, and ready to fit. 

To order the above or view the complete range of seats and seat covers available for Lambretta scooters from VE (UK) visit: www.ve-uk.com

You can now order online at www.ve-uk.com 

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

NEW - LeoVince Exhaust Systems for GY6 Engine Scooters

LeoVince, available through VE (UK), have introduced two new exhaust systems for 4 stroke 50cc automatic scooters.

The new systems feature a stainless steel end can with mild steel downpipe and has been designed with a sporty finish that is road legal. 

Catering for scooters fitted the fitted with the GY6 engine, which is also referred to as 139QMA or 139QMB engines, the exhausts cover popular models from manufacturers including Baotian, Direct Bikes, Kymco, Lexmoto,  Peugeot, Pulse and Sym. 

Supplied as a complete exhaust system with all hardware required for fitting included in the box.

LeoVince scooter exhaust systems are imported by VE (UK), the Factory Appointed sole UK scooter exhaust systems Distributor, and are sold through their VE Dealer network. This ensures dealers are buying genuine factory supplied parts, with a genuine factory warranty. VE (UK) do not supply Grey Imported parts.

To order the above or view the complete range of LeoVince products or locate a dealer, visit www.ve-uk.com

You can now order online at www.ve-uk.com