Thursday, 16 November 2017

Vespa Body Repair Panels from VE (UK)

Vespa owners are now seriously restoring old Vespas or repairing Vespas in a state of disrepair by replacing body panels that are part of the original frame, VE showcase their range of bodywork repair panels for replacing rotted and rusted parts.

VE stock a wide range of floor repair panels, which are designed to blend in with the section of floor that is being removed, right down the ribbing on the underside. These floor repair panels give a scooter a new lease of life by replacing the commonly rotted area of the floor. 

Available for the following models of Classic Vespa: 50, 50SS, 50 Special, 90SS, 100, 100 Sport, 150GL, 150 Sprint, 150 Super, 180SS, GS160, Rally, Primavera, PX, VBA, and VBB.

Also available for several large frame models of Vespa is a set of repair panels to replace the commonly corroded engine mount area above the floorboard and below the seat. 

VE (UK) also stock a range of side panels, horn castings, and handlebar tops to help complete any restoration project on a Classic Vespa.

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Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Scooter Lighting from VE (UK)

VE (UK)'s lighting range caters for every kind of scooter from 50cc automatics to Maxi scooters, as well as Classic machines from Vespa, Lambretta, and LML.

From budget replacement units for the cost conscious owner through to high quality polycarbonate lens units, VE (UK) stock them all. However, for those owners of automatic scooters who are looking to give their scooter a facelift, a wide selection of LED tail lamps and upgraded headlamp units are also available for most popular machines.

In addition VE (UK) also stock a complete range of bulbs suitable for 6v and 12v applications, flasher lamps, and headlamp bulb holders for a huge selection of all scooters. VE also keep the oddities in bulbs such as the 6v 0.6w speedo bulb for many older Vespas.

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Thursday, 9 November 2017

NEW - Malossi Variator for Kymco AK 550

Malossi variators are available for a vast range of Automatic scooters from 50cc to 850cc, with the latest Kmyco AK 550 recently being added to their vast fitment list.

Malossi have been at the forefront of variator development, and the new Malossi Multivar Variator has been designed to offer a more consistent and reliable shifting process, with redesigned face and roller ramp angles to obtain the very best power transfer from the scooters engine, whilst offering an extended service life.

Malossi variators undergo extensive testing and development in their R & D department to ensure that every part meets their strict standards both in terms of quality and performance.

The variator is supplied as a complete kit with 2 sets of rollers, variator driven pulley, sliders, pulley bush, MHR grease, shim, and torsion spring.

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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Winter Scooter Tyres from VE (UK)

With the colder months upon us, now is the perfect time to look at changing over your tyres to a dedicated winter compound. VE (UK) stock a great range of tyres perfect for the cold weather.

Dedicated winter tyres are manufactured expressly for colder road surfaces that are often covered with water, slush, or even snow, ensuring increased grip in slippy conditions. Designed with a softer compound of rubber to enable quicker warm up times, larger drainage grooves to promote water clearance, and deep sipes to enhance grip.

Anlas: The SC-500 is an all weather tyre with excellent grip that is also M&S rated for use in Mud and Snow. Perfect for all year round use and is competitively priced in the marketplace. Available in 10” fitments.

Continental: The Move 365 is rated M&S for use in Mud and Snow. The ContiMove365 is a veritable all-rounder: not only are its all-season features impressive, but it is also easy on the environment and on the riders budget! Available in 12” fitments.

IRC: The IRC Urban Snow excels in wet, snowy and icy roads. Thanks to the unique profile, with hundreds of fine radial and diagonal slats it offers optimum traction and stability even under harsh winter conditions. Available in 10”, 12”, and 13” fitments.

Michelin: The City Grip Winter is Michelins dedicated winter tyre, featuring Progressive Sipe Technology to break up the water’s surface film ensuring excellent water clearing properties. Furthermore the number of sipes in contact with the ground increases when cornering to increase grip. Available in 10” and 12” fitments.

Mitas: The MC20 Monsum tyre excels in wet weather conditions thanks to its wet weather race developed tread pattern, designed to clear high volumes of water ensuring better grip on the road surface. For those looking to keep a classic look during the winter months, selected fitments are also available in a whitewall finish. Available in 10”, 11”, and 12” fitments.

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Thursday, 2 November 2017

NEW - Cuppini Classic Chromework from VE (UK)

Here at VE (UK) we know that every Classic Vespa and Lambretta owner loves to add chrome work to their machines to give that final degree of sparkle. VE (UK) are pleased to announce the arrival of some great new chrome products to our ever increasing range from Italian manufacturer Cuppini.

The new Cuppini rear crashbars for the Vespa PX/T5 and LML Star range of classic scooters includes footrests for pillion comfort and security. Supplied with all the hardware required for fitment, ensuring that installation is as painless as possible.

Lambretta owners will welcome the addition of the new grab rail suitable for Series 1,2, and 3 machines. Fitting is simple, as it uses the existing bolts found under the seat. 

Both items are manufactured from mild steel which has been chrome plated and then polished to a mirror finish.

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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

NEW - Malossi "Power Classic" Exhaust for Vespa Small Frame

Malossi have just announced their latest Classic Vespa product, the “Power Classic” exhaust system for small frame models which is available through VE (UK).

Available for the Vespa ET3 Primavera and the V50/V90 scooters, the exhaust retains the standard look, while the new redesigned internals allow for an instant performance boost across the entire rev range. 

The exhausts are designed and manufactured in Italy, and are supplied with an  exhaust manifold that has been designed specifically to allow direct fitment to either the standard cylinder or to the top performing Malossi cylinders.

VE (UK) are the official Factory Appointed Sole UK Importer for Malossi Performance Products. VE (UK) stocks the full range for both classic and automatic scooter models. 

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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Vespa PX125 Performance Cylinder Kits

VE (UK) offer a wide range of performance products for the PX 125 from leading tuning specialists. The most popular upgrade for the PX 125 is a performance cylinder kit, with options available from Malossi, Pinasco, and Polini.

The iconic 166cc cylinder kit from Malossi has recently seen an upgrade to the included cylinder head. The head now features a central plug hole and cooling fins on the underside to dissipate heat better than ever before.  

Pinasco offer two 177cc cylinder kits, one manufactured in cast iron, and one made from aluminium. Both cylinders are supplied with matching cylinder head. 

Also available is the new Pinasco Vespone RX 190cc cylinder kit is also available, which requires a 60mm stroke crankshaft to be used.

Polini offer two 177cc cylinder kits for, a cast iron cylinder, and an aluminium cylinder.

Also available is a Polini 187cc aluminium kit which requires the use of a larger carb and a 60mm crankshaft, further expand the possibilities for tuning the classic Vespa. 

All the above cylinder kits include gaskets (where required), gudgeon pin, and circlips.

To view the complete range of Vespa PX 125 performance parts available from VE (UK) visit:

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