Thursday, 12 July 2018

Newfren Classic Scooter Clutch Plates

Newfren friction components manufacture a complete range of clutch plates for both Vepsa and Lambretta scooters, which are available through factory appointed UK wholesaler VE (UK).
Covering all classic machines from the 50’s to the present day, Newfren offer the most complete range currently available, with clutch steels, corks, and complete cork and steels sets all available from stock. Both Vespa PX and Lambretta Ser2/Ser3 owners can also choose from either a standard compound or racing compound friction material.
Newfren’s racing compound has been specifically developed to reduce slip under load when used in a highly tuned engine, ensuring that you get “more grip & less slip”.
Newfren also offer a range of pre-assembled clutch assemblies for Vespa PX scooters, all available at VE. 
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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Tubeless Alloy Wheel Rims from VE (UK)

Owners of Classic scooters looking to upgrade to tubeless alloy wheel rims are well catered for at VE (UK) with a wide selection for both Vespa and Lambretta machines.
Vespa owners can choose from solid rims by SIP, or split rims by FA or Pinasco. The SIP solid rims are available in painted silver, polished alloy, matt black, and matt black with a polished alloy rim, all pre-fitted with a tubeless valve. 
FA’s and Pinasco’s split rims use a sealing O’ring between the sections making the rims fully tubeless compatible and are supplied with a 90 degree valve. Should you suffer a puncture its simply a matter of fitting a inner tube as you would do with a normal rim, there is no need for specialist tyre fitting equipment to remove and refit your tyre, thereby ensuring a simple repair at the roadside. Available in silver, polished alloy, black, and red or black with a polished rim.
Meanwhile, Lambretta scooter owners can choose from either SIP or FA solid tubeless wheel rims which are available in polished alloy, black, black with silver polished rim, silver, or white and are supplied with valve, extended studs, and wheel nuts.
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Thursday, 5 July 2018

NEW - SIP Speedo Digital Cable Upgrade

Now available from VE (UK) is the digital speedo cable upgrade range for the range of SIP digital speedos.
The new cables utilise the existing speedo drive in the front hub and convert the rotation from the drive gear to a digital signal that is sent to the speedo assembly. The cable is routed as per the standard cable and eliminates the chance of a speedo cable snapping during use. 
The unit is fully waterproofed against the elements, and gives a more accurate speedo reading than the standard cable.
The digital cable is available in three versions and are supplied with all parts required for fitment:
VE12209: Vespa GS, Vespa Rally, Vespa 150 Sportique, Vespa 150 Sprint, Vespa 150 Super, Vespa VBA/VBB, and Lambretta LI/SX/TV/GP
VE12210: Vespa PX, Vespa PK, Vespa T5, and Vespa GTS.
VE12211:  Vespa PK, Vespa 50, Vespa 90, Vespa 50SS, and Vespa 90SS. 
The full fitment list for each cable is available at 
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Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Vespa Chrome Accessories

From bumper bars to carriers and everything inbetween, VE (UK) stock a wide range of chrome accessories for most models of Classic Vespa. 

With top brands including Faco and Cuppini on offer, as well as VE’s own in house brand, VE Actif, quality is assured across the complete range. 

Carriers include simple flat rear racks for top boxes, folding front and rear carriers, and the Actif 4-in-1 carrier that includes backrest, grab rail, folding carrier, and a spare wheel carrier.

Bodywork protection also features in the range to keep your classic Vespa looking its best by fitting front and rear crash bars and a front bumper bar to protect the paintwork from scuffs and scrapes. 

For owners who want something a little more subdued many of the accessories are also available in a black finish.

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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Refresh Your Transmission With Malossi Belts & Rollers

Worn transmission parts sap power and performance from any Automatic scooter, so why not keep your transmission band on with Malossi rollers and belts to maintain its true potential.

Malossi's Kevlar drive belts are renown the world over. They offer several key benefits over standard belts, with increased grip, increased life between service intervals, and reinforced layers to increase belt life. This all leads to a more reliable transmission setup. Additionally, Malossi also manufacture their “Special” belt range, designed as a standard replacement belt far exceeding the specifications of the OE part. Malossi belts are available for scooters from 50cc to 850cc in capacity. 

No transmission product range would be complete without a range of transmission rollers that are available not only in every commonly used size, but also a variety of weights allowing fine tuning of the power band on a performance scooter. Malossi rollers are available in 22 different sizes covering virtually every transmission currently available. 

Malossi also produce a wide range of replacement sliders, torsion springs, torsion spring sliders, and performance variators to enhance performance. This continues the vein of your transmission being bang on.

In addition to VE's highly competitive “Flat Rate” items VE have revised prices across many thousands of Malossi parts to ensure you get the best deal. See for yourself at:

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NEW - Pinasco Vespa Large Frame 250cc Crankcase

Pinasco have announced the upcoming release of their new Vespa large frame 250cc crankcase which will be available through VE (UK).

Whilst no official specifications have yet been released, you can be assured that Pinasco have worked extensively on reinforcing critical areas of the casing, worked on the porting to offer the best possible performance, and made other refinements to give the highest quality of finish to the product.

This new engine casing will require a new cylinder kit and crankshaft, which are currently in development.

VE (UK) will inform you with full details and specifications as soon as they are available.

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Thursday, 21 June 2018

Polini Hi-Speed Variator Kits

Polini produce their Hi-Speed Control Variator to enhance the acceleration, mid range and top end performance for most popular automatic scooters, which are available through UK importer VE (UK).

Polini engineers have recalculated the roller sliding area to increase the performance and torque of the scooter and such allows you to get the best out of your machine. 

The Variator hub is produced from alloyed steel with sliding surfaces featuring a hard chromium facing that is ground and lapped. The half pulley produced from an aluminium alloy with a silicon content.

All in all, this gains you the long lasting performance and quality that you have come to expect from a Polini product.

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