Tuesday, 21 June 2011

New Mazzucchelli Competition Lambretta GP Crankshafts

Mazzucchelli, are a long established Italian company and are well known for producing high quality crankshafts and con rods for all capacities of scooter, and they continue to produce some of the finest crankshafts available for scooters.

In addition to their standard replacement Lambretta crankshafts, Mazzucchelli have now introduced a competition specification crankshaft for the Lambretta GP in both 58 and 60mm stroke versions. The new crankshafts feature a uprated H profile con rod with oil galleries at both ends of the rod to ensure thorough lubrication of both the the big end and small end bearings.

These crankshafts are designed from the highest quality materials, and are highly competitive when it comes to price. You get value for money with a Mazzucchelli crankshaft.

Mazzucchelli scooter crankshafts are available from Factory Appointed UK importer, VE (UK).

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