Thursday, 7 July 2011

Athena AM6 80cc Power Valve Cylinder Kit

Athena's latest performance cylinder kit for the Minarelli AM6 motor has been unveiled and is available now through the VE (UK) dealer network.

The new cylinder has a capacity of 80cc and draws on their years of experience in producing fantastic cylinder kits for the Moto 50 market. What makes this cylinder different to Athena's competitor’s offerings is the inclusion of a power valve to gain the best possible performance across the entire rev range. The diaphragm actuated power valve combines the best of both worlds, torque at low RPM and high RPM performance. The diaphragm actuation is solely reliant on the exhaust gas pressure, ensuring reliability and ease of setup.

All in all, this fantastic cylinder kit offers the rider with the upmost performance for their money.

All RRP prices are available from your local VE appointed dealer.

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