Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Expanded Giannelli "Classic Sports " Exhaust Range

Giannelli Scooter exhausts are well known in the Automatic scooter market and their systems offer exceptional performance and value for money. Now through their UK Factory Appointed Scooter Exhaust Distributor, VE (UK), they are offering an extended range of their 'Classic 2 Stroke Sports' systems.

The expanded range offers a total of six new exhaust systems for Classic Scooters. The new models covered are Vespa 50-90-100, Primavera, LML 2 Stroke, and the PK 50-80-100-125. The usual high standards apply to these new exhausts as they do in the Automatic scooters sector, performance, looks, and most important in today’s economic marketplace, real value for money.

These new 'Classic Sports' scooter exhaust systems are certainly no exception to this, utilising the highest quality of materials currently available, whilst maintaining the performance and design aesthetics that only Italian exhaust production can bring. These fantastic exhaust systems are produced from mild steel and finished in a clear lacquer.
VE13296          Classic Sports Exhaust System Vespa 50/90/100 not road legal
VE13297          Classic Sports Exhaust System Vespa Primavera/ET3 not road legal
VE13300          Classic Sports Exhaust System LML 125 2t/Vespa PX 125/150 DGM Homologated
VE13301          Classic Sports Exhaust System PK 50/80/100 not road legal
VE13302          Classic Sports Exhaust System Vespa PK 125 not road legal

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