Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Fantastic Plastics For Piaggio Zip Kat

Fitting a body kit to a Zip Kat not only improves the styling but also gives the machine a fresh new look, however the other self coloured plastic panels often look old and tired. VE (UK) now offers a nine piece inner plastic kit for the Zip Kat that will finish off a new body kit to a tee. The kit is also an ideal purchase for those owners with either crash or theft damaged inner plastics. Comprises of rear mud flap, inner leg shield, glove box door, footboards, front lower protection, service door, engine cover, glove box tray and handlebar rear cover.

Pricing on the nine piece kit is extremely competitive compared to OEM prices as shown below.

VS19228 nine piece inner plastics kit Zip Kat, VE (UK) £135.14 SRP, compared to the combined price of OEM panels of £301.47 SRP.

Vat is included in the SRP prices shown.

All RRP prices are available from your local VE appointed dealer.

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