Thursday, 29 March 2012

A Trio Of New Transmission Parts For Maxi Scooters From Malossi

Malossi continue to produce the highest quality components for all capacities of scooter from 50cc up to 850cc. Their latest transmission products for three Maxi scooters further emphasise this ethos.

Tuning the rear part of the transmission by adjusting at what rate the torque driver expands is solely down to the compression spring located in the rear pulley assembly. On all scooters, a simple spring swap can make the world of difference to rideability. Malossi's latest torsion spring suitable for the Gilera GP 800 and the Aprilia SRV 850, further refines the transmission and is compatible for use with either, the Malossi Multivar variator, or the standard OE variator.

Malossi's Maxi clutch bells are an excellent upgrade for the stock item on maxi scooters, helping the clutch run cooler which in turn maximises the efficiency of the clutch itself. New for the Kymco range of scooters the Maxi clutch bell is forged from a special grade of steel with a carbon steel centre, the assembly is then surfaced hardened and fitted with a reinforcement ring ensuring that the drum remains round and true under the heat generated within the assembly through normal use.

Finally to complement both the standard variator and Malossi Multivar, Malossi have introduced their Ventilvar front fan pulley suitable for many of the 250/300cc maxi scooters from Aprilia, Benelli, Italjet, MBK, and Yamaha. Malossi's Ventilvar has been specifically reworked with regards to the drive face angles to ensure maximum performance from the complete front pulley assembly. Overall the diameter has been further increased over the OE item to provide a greater range of belt travel providing further enhanced performance.

Malossi performance products are imported by VE (UK), the Malossi Spa Appointed Sole UK Distributor, and are sold through their Malossi Tech Centres and VE Dealer network with a 2 Year Warranty. This ensures those who purchase from Malossi Tech Centres or VE dealers, are buying genuine factory supplied parts, with a TWO YEAR warranty.

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