Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Malossi Gear Kits For Automatic And Classic Scooters

Malossi are known the world over for manufacturing class leading and innovative performance products for all capacities of scooter from 50cc through to 850cc. If you upgrade a scooter, it makes sense to harness the extra power that is produced and transmit it to the rear wheel.

Adding a Malossi gear kit to the scooter achieves just this, turning the extra power at the crank into speed at the back wheel. The transmission gears are made from special steel with straight teeth and recalculated ratios. The design of the gear naturally eliminates all the axial pressures placed on the gears, thus reducing the stress on the gear support bearings. The manufacturing of the gears is carried out on high precision machines, case hardened, tempered and then ground to provide quiet running and excellent longevity. Malossi manufacture gear kits for a wide selection of automatic scooters and Classic Vespa's, and are designed to be used on an already tuned scooter.

Malossi performance products are imported by VE (UK), the Malossi Spa Appointed Sole UK Distributor, and are sold through their Malossi Tech Centres and VE Dealer network with a 2 Year Warranty. This ensures those who purchase from Malossi Tech Centres or VE dealers, that they are buying genuine factory supplied parts, with a TWO YEAR warranty.

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