Thursday, 22 September 2016

Malossi HTQ Gear Kits for Vespa PX/Cosa/T5

Malossi manufacture a range of gear kits for the Vespa PX, Cosa, and T5 range of Classic scooters which are available through VE (UK), the Malossi Spa Appointed Sole UK Distributor for Malossi products.

Malossi’s gear kits use straight cut teeth that have been developed to offer quieter running through the finishing processes used. Malossi utilise a digital testing machine to ensure a perfect match between the paired gears, before heat treating them to give them the hardness and durability required for use under heavy load. Available for 6, 7 and 8 spring clutch assemblies.

Ratios available:

VM673730: 23/64 ratio for 6 spring clutches (PX 125/150)

VM673888: 23/64 ratio for 7 spring clutches (Cosa, PX 200, T5, Rally) 

VM675235: 24/63 ratio for 7 spring clutches (Cosa, PX 200, T5, Rally)

VM676720: 24/63 ratio for 8 spring clutches (Cosa, PX, T5, Rally 200)

VM676721: 23/64 ratio for 8 spring clutches (Cosa, PX, T5, Rally 200)

VE (UK) are the official Factory Appointed Sole UK Importer for Malossi Performance Products. VE (UK) stocks the full range for both classic and automatic scooter models. Purchasing your Malossi parts through Malossi Tech Centres or VE dealer network ensures that you receive a factory TWO year UK warranty with full factory support. VE (UK) do not supply Grey Imports of Malossi Performance Products. 

To browse the complete range of Malossi Performance Products available from VE (UK), visit
You can now order online at   
At the Malossi UK Online Shop - buy your parts and we’ll dispatch your order same day - Direct to you by courier.

Alternatively you can visit to locate a VE dealer near you.

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