Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Auto - All Part Of The Service At VE (UK)

Service items are a natural ongoing requirement for all owners. VE (UK) offer a fantastic selection as shown below for a vast selection of scooters. All parts supplied are of the highest quality and are from the top manufacturers in the industry.

With the credit crunch continuing, VE (UK) offer you a wide range of standard replacement service items that are stocked, covering over 200 models, helping you to cut the costs of servicing. Whether its brake pads, transmission rollers or drive belts you need for the service, VE (UK) have an outstanding selection. Air filters and oil filters are often also required for servicing and we have you covered on that front too. We stock a wide range of gear and engine oil from AGIP to finish off the job, and you can be sure that the job has been done with the best quality aftermarket parts that your money can buy.

Pricing as follows:
Rollers from only £5.64 RRP inc Vat.

Drive belts from only £10.99 RRP inc Vat.

Brake pads from only £2.64 RRP inc Vat.

Oil filters from only £3.00 RRP inc Vat.

Air filters from only £1.76 RRP inc Vat.

Lubricants from only £9.01 RRP inc Vat. per litre

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