Thursday, 8 July 2010

Classic - Keep On Rolling!

Vespa owners up until now have always been restricted to using tubed tyres or tubeless tyres with an inner tube on normal split wheel rims their machines. Well this is now a thing of the past with VE (UK)’s latest tubeless wheel rim for 10" inch wheeled Vespa models.

The tubeless wheel rim has been machined from a single piece of aluminium billet and finished to a highly polished surface ensuring an excellent seal on the tyre bead. The new rim allows owners to run a tubeless tyre, thus saving on the cost of an inner tube and reducing the rolling mass of the wheel compared to when a tube is used.

Supplied with wheel nuts and a tubeless valve ready to fit, the new one piece rim will make people’s heads turn at the sheer quality of finish. The new rim, VE part number - VE12162, is priced at £62.92 RRP inc. Vat.

Also new in, is our new whitewall tyre aimed at the more budget conscious owners who want a classic tread pattern from the 60’s and the style that whitewall tyres offer when customising their machines. The tyre is a tubed type tyre and will fit both tubeless and split rims. Priced at an outstanding £26.09 RRP inc. Vat., the tyre offers superb savings over its counterparts. The VE (UK) part number for this excellent tyre is WW350x10.

The price(s) shown are RRP (Recommended Retail Price) including Vat .

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