Thursday, 21 April 2011

Athena 50cc Performance Cylinder Kits

The following great little 50cc Athena Performance cylinder kits are available from UK Importer VE (UK).

Need to add a little more 'get up and go' to your scooter, whilst keeping it as a 50cc? VE (UK) stock a wide range of Athena performance in 50cc kits for both air and liquid cooled scooters. Manufactured from high quality alloys and supplied with a single ring piston, the Athena performance 50cc cylinder kits provide the user with a higher revving, ported cylinder designed to produce more power but retaining the standard 50cc capacity,. The cylinders feature a bridged exhaust port to help maximise performance. All cylinder kits are supplied with cylinder head, gasket set and reed petals to finish off the conversion completely.

The Athena 50cc alloy performance cylinder kits are available for scooters with the following engine types:

Minarelli horizontal air cooled and liquid cooled,
Piaggio air and liquid cooled,
Peugeot air cooled,
Morini air cooled,
Minarelli vertical.

All RRP prices are available from your local VE appointed dealer.

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