Thursday, 7 April 2011

Malossi Performance For Chinese 50cc 4T scooters

VE (UK), Factory appointed UK distributor of Malossi performance products, supply a Malossi performance cylinder kit for the growing Chinese scooter market.

Chinese scooters are becoming more popular, due to their prices being amazingly low. However, with the 4T (four stroke) models more and more users want to add more power to their machine. Malossi produce a fantastic performance 90cc cylinder kit for the 139 QMA and 139 QMB - 50cc 4T engines in their ranges. Made from alloy with a Nikasil finish these kits offer a new lease of life to owners of these particular engine types.

As is to be expected from Malossi, the quality is second to none, with casting and machining carried out to sheer perfection. The crankcases on the engine will need to be machined to allow the larger cylinder spigot room to manoeuvre, but the performance gains are more than worth the work required. This modification work will need to be carried out by a scooter tuning specialist who is conversant with such modifications. This kit gives added performance and takes the little 50cc engine to a power boosting 90cc.

The VE part number for the above kit is VX313243, and it provides the ideal solution for discerning Chinese Scooter owner who is looking for something a little bit special when it comes to tuning.

All RRP prices are available from your local Malossi Tech Centre, or VE appointed dealer.

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