Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Restoration Rubber Kits For Classic Scooters

The restoration of a classic scooter can be a costly affair, and buying the rubber parts required individually can take a lot of time tracking down. You can easily spend a small fortune both in parts cost, and time spent. VE (UK) has a simple cost effective solution for those owners wanting to restore their Lambretta GP, or Vespa 150GL, 150 Super, Vespa 150 Sprint, or Bajaj Classic/Chetek.

The VE rubber kits makes perfect sense for restoration projects, LE14142 contains all the rubber and small plastic parts need for a complete overhaul (over 100 individual pieces) for a Lambretta GP, while VE24047 Vespa kit comprises of a total of 28 pieces.

LE14142 - Lambretta GP - Complete Rubber and Plastics Kit
VE24047 - Vespa 150GL, 150 Super, 150 Sprint, Bajaj Classic/Chetek - 28 piece Rubber Kit

Both these kits offer substantial savings over the individual priced parts.

To browse a complete list of small parts that VE (UK) stock for classic scooters, visit

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