Thursday, 19 April 2012

Schwalbe Comes To VE (UK)

VE (UK) are pleased to announce the addition of Schwalbe scooter tyres to our scooter tyre brand portfolio. Schwalbe's history covers all forms of two wheeled transport from road racing bicycles to downhill mountain bike, and now of course scooter tyres.

Schwalbe Scooter tyres have been continually refined over the years to produce excellent quality tyres with great road holding and durability. With a range of patterns available for all types of Scooterist, Schwalbe's heritage of over 100 years of tyre knowledge will ensure that they have a tyre suitable for your needs. Road and Race patterns and compounds are featured amongst the range, with a dedicated all weather tyre available as well.

Schwalbe Scooter Tyre Range

The tyre designed for Classic scooters, designed to be suitable for all-round, everyday use. Safe, hard wearing, yet grippy in all situations. Available in both whitewall and blackwall versions.

Rule the tarmac. This slick tyre is tuned to give maximum performance in high speed corners. The compound used is extremely grippy. The profile of the tyre allows the maximum possible contact at all angles.

This modern semi-slick tyre is designed for sports scooters. Blending optimum grip and good mileage by using a strengthened carcass construction with a high quality silica tread.

The perfect all weather scooter tyre. Serrated lugs on the shoulder and a silica compound provides unsurpassed grip on cold, wet roads although still perfectly usable in the summer months with very little increase in tyre wear. Available in both whitewall and blackwall versions.

VE (UK) are dedicated to providing the Scooterist with best possible choice for tyres no matter what their riding style or preference.

All RRP prices are available from your local VE appointed dealer.

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