Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Pinasco Small Frame Performance From VE (UK)

Vespa small frame owners will be pleased to hear that performance products are still alive and kicking with the fantastic products by Pinasco, renowned for producing classic Vespa products, which are available from VE (UK). Pinasco have been manufacturing performance Vespa products for over 4 decades and continue to develop products for the Iconic Vespa brand of scooters.
125cc Alloy cylinder kit
The Pinasco 125cc alloy cylinder kit for the Vespa small frame is an absolute must if you are looking to add some pizazz to your scooters performance. The technical characteristics of the cylinders port configuration will increase the torque output and overall performance, lending itself perfectly to todays road speeds and conditions. The cylinder kit is manufactured from Nicasil plated aluminium, and is supplied complete with a matched cylinder head saving both time and money having your existing head machined to suit the new cylinder.
Double action shock absorbers
The Pinasco double-action shock absorbers represent excellent value for money while having outstanding performance benefitting from technological developments in the field of adjustable suspension incorporated directly into these replacement units.

The shock absorbers are MADE IN ITALY with the highest quality materials available, with the adjusting rings machined from solid, and steel spring supports, which are CNC machined and then chrome-plated. The double action springs are made of calibrated steel to give a perfectly equal action each and every time the spring is compressed or extended. Offering the perfect combination of sportiness and comfort and exhibiting excellent road handling, the Pinasco shock absorbers will help to transform your riding experience.

VE (UK) have been supplying classic scooter kits from Pinasco for over 24 years, and we have excellent stocks of all the popular kits and a full spares backup as well. The Pinasco brand is well known throughout the classic Vespa scooter tuning world and offers excellent value for money.
To order the above or view the complete range of Pinasco performance products available for Classic Vespas from VE (UK)  visit www.ve-uk.com
You can now order online at www.ve-supermarket.co.uk   
At the VE Supermarket - buy your parts - choose a dealer at the checkout, and we’ll dispatch your order same day on the dealers behalf - Direct to you by courier.
Alternatively you can visit www.ve-uk.com to locate a VE dealer near you.

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