Thursday, 11 February 2016

Newfren Friction Components from VE (UK)

When it comes to choosing a supplier for high quality friction components including brake discs, brake shoes/pads or clutch parts, look no further than Newfren, available from VE (UK).

Newfren's range caters for all capacities of Scooter (both classic and automatic), Moto 50/125 machines, Quads' and Piaggio Ape's. All of their products are manufactured in Italy and undergo rigorous testing and development to ensure the very best quality and reliability from each and every item.

Of particular interest is their race compound clutch material which is available on classic Lambretta, classic Vespa, and Moto 50/125 clutches, meaning more grip and less slip for those owners wishing to harness every ounce of power that their engine generates. 

Newfren friction products are imported by VE (UK), and are sold through their VE Dealer network. This ensures dealers are buying genuine factory supplied parts, with a genuine factory warranty. VE (UK) do not supply Grey Imported parts.
To browse the complete range of Newfren products available from VE (UK), visit

You can now order online at  

At the VE Supermarket - buy your parts - and we’ll dispatch your order same day - Direct to you by courier.

Alternatively you can visit to locate a VE dealer near you.

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