Thursday, 1 December 2016

NEW - High Quality Replacement Speedo Faces for Classic Vespa

Nothing lets down a fully restored scooter more than a tired looking discoloured or faded speedo assembly. VE (UK) are pleased to announce the arrival of 5 high quality replacement 2 piece speedo faces for Classic Vespa scooters.

Designed and manufactured to be a direct replacement for the standard item, the VE speedo faces are simple to fit and boost the overall look of a restored machine in minutes. Simply remove the speedo rim and glass, lift the outer face and remove the needle, before reassembling with the replacement part.

Available for the following models of Classic Vespa:
150GL, 150 Sprint, 150 Super, 90 Racer, GS 150, GS 160, GTR 125, Primavera, Rally 180/200, Sportique, SS180, SS90, VBA, VBB, VBC, and VMA.

VE (UK) also stock a complete range of speedo glasses and rims for all Classic Vespa scooter models covered by the new speedo face range,  allowing owners to give their speedo a brand new look. 

Images and a cross reference chart for the speedo faces, speedo rims, and replacement glass can be found at

To view the complete range of speedo parts available from VE (UK), visit: 

You can now order online at  

At the VE Supermarket - buy your parts - and we’ll dispatch your order same day - Direct to you by courier.

Alternatively you can visit to locate a VE dealer near you.

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