Tuesday, 20 December 2016

VE Actif Carriers for Vespa PX/T5 & LML Star

The VE Actif range of carriers is an exclusive own brand developed by VE (UK), and are made to exacting standards both in finish and materials. 

These carriers are designed to fit the LML Star 125/200cc 2T, LML Star 125/200cc 4T models, and the new LML Star 125cc 4T automatic, as well as retaining compatibility with the Vespa PX and T5 range. Manufactured from a highly polished chromed steel, these carriers are both stylish and practical.

Both VE Actif carriers shown are “Multitask”, one unit offering several facilities. The benefit is immediately apparent when fitting. There is one single platform for fitting. 

Our VE30503 is a rear carrier with fixed position platform, a back rest, and pillion side grab rails, a real 3 in 1 item.
The VE30504 combines the ultimate in a rear carrier - a fold down rear carrier with a backrest, a spare wheel facility, and pillion side grab rails, a true 4 in 1 unit. 

Buying various different items costs much more than the one Actif unit, and fitting the Actif unit is so much easier. The alternative is that fitting several items together giving a plethora of brackets, extra long bolts, and a seat that is difficult to close properly. 

To further personalise your Actif rear carrier, are optional backrest pad covers and spare wheel covers are available in fantastic designs, and at competitive prices.

To order the above or view the complete range of VE Actif products or locate a dealer, visit www.ve-uk.com

You can now order online at www.ve-supermarket.co.uk  

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