Thursday, 18 November 2010

A Clean Start From VE (UK)

One of the highest wear electrical components on todays automatic scooters is the starter motor. It gets a hammering in normal use, and suffers more under strain in the colder weather. With many bigger capacity machines now relying on the starter motor as the only method of starting the machine, (machines with no kickstart mechanism), should the starter motor fails it renders the machine unusable. Add to this water and dirt ingress, and wear is accelerated causing premature failure. VE (UK) stock an excellent selection of starter motors for machines ranging from 50cc to 500cc, and they offer substantial savings compared to OE products. The quality of the units VE supplies is as you would expect, excellent, and the pricing offers huge savings over similar OE items.

VE believe in stocking the items both owners and dealers require to help keep their machines on the road, and essentially, 'at the right cost'. Starter motors are just the tip of this section. We also stock starter relays, starter ring rears, flasher relays, regulators, HT coils, CDI's, and other related electrical equipment. If it's available, VE can usually supply it, and at the right money.

All RRP prices are available from a VE appointed dealer.

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