Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Pull The Other One

VE (UK) are always adding new items for the Maxi Scooter range, and these new brake levers for the Yamaha T-Max 500 are testament to this. These CNC levers are available in curved or multi-adjustable, either style offers a quality to compliment your riding style.

For those riders who prefer a solid, reassuring feel to their braking, we have just the thing. A CNC manufactured curved bladed lever with brass inserts for the pivot bolt, ensuring a smooth feeling throughout the lever pull. These levers also feature a large flattened ball on the end for a reassuring grip on the lever.

In most cases if you fall or drop your machine it will result in the loss of a brake lever. These new multi-adjustable levers available in silver or carbon look finishes, are designed to help alleviate the loss of a lever. These multi adjustable levers will pivot up away from the point of impact should a tumble occur allowing the handlebar end to take the impact. This unique feature can be a true "lever saver", hopefully allowing the rider to pick the machine up and carry on with their journey, safe in the knowledge that they still have both brake levers in working order. Adjustable for length and reach, these new levers will allow the user to tailor their brake levers to the most comfortable position for their riding style.

With many other parts for the T-max added to our range, VE (UK) is embracing the Maxi Scooter market more than ever. For a full list of parts that we stock for the T-Max as well as many more Maxi Scooters, visit www.ve-uk.com.

All RRP prices are available from a VE appointed dealer.

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