Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Get A Little Extra With Giannelli

Giannelli Scooter exhausts are available from VE (UK), the exclusive sole importer for Giannelli Scooter exhausts in the UK. Giannelli produce an outstanding range of exhaust systems for 50cc Scooters that are built on many years of proven design and manufacturing processes. The Giannelli EXTRA is a superb exhaust range with a terrific pedigree in performance, and looks.

The "EXTRA" line of exhausts is a high quality product range with an excellent quality/price relationship. It is homologated according to EEC regulations and is produced for a great number of manufacturers 50cc models. Its main body is built using the most sophisticated robotic M.I.G. welding process and a perforated counter cone specifically designed to enhance the exhaust’s performance is placed inside in order to obtain the best performance possible for a street legal exhaust. The exhaust’s muffler is reversed and is made of carbon fibre with a chromed end cap and tail pipe.

These details give the exhaust an aggressive and race sporty look, whilst maintaining the level of noise emissions within the limits established by European laws.

The replacement of stock transmission springs and rollers, (for some models only), with the ones included in the exhaust kit, will further enhance the scooter’s performance. Great looks and performance with sensible pricing with versions available in plain lacquered finish and chrome bodies.

For a complete list of Giannelli exhaust systems available please visit

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