Wednesday, 22 December 2010

New Variable Jet Kit For Dellorto VHSH-VHSB

Jetting is the most important aspect of a good running engine. Continually changing jets is hugely time consuming. Now there is help at hand with this new variable jet kit from Dellorto, imported by VE (UK), jetting has just become a whole lot easier.

Designed to fit and work on the VHSB and VHSH range of carburettors, the kit is supplied with 3 main jets to allow adjustment through an equivalent range of 140 -190 individual normal fixed main jets.

The major benefits of this kit really start to show when you take into account the remote adjustability of the jetting, saving both time and money whether at the track or on a Dyno. This kit allows the user to alter the jetting in small increments without draining and stripping the carburettor each time and finding the exact sweet spot for the main jet is made so much easier with just a simple turn of the remote knob.

It is also useful to have for events where the weather changes and the ambient conditions affect carburettor jetting. Normally this would mean stripping and replacing jets. however, with the new variable jetting kit, alterations are simply a twist of the wrist.

All RRP prices are available from a VE appointed dealer.

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