Thursday, 2 December 2010

Rear Pulley Kits From VE (UK)

Clutches and rear pulley assemblies on automatic scooters have a hard working life, and when they start to wear out they can cause lots of problems. These problems manifest themselves as a slipping belt to loss of forward movement as the clutch shoes wear. Replacing the parts with OE parts can cost a small fortune in comparison to these exceptionally priced units from VE (UK).

This superb rear pulley kit not only comes supplied with the clutch unit and clutch drum, but also with both halves of the rear pulley with contrasting spring, all assembled and ready to fit. There are two units available from VE (UK) covering over a staggering eighty (80) models from the biggest Scooter manufacturers in the industry. These manufacturers include: Aprilia, CPI, Derbi, Gilera, Malaguti, MBK, Piaggio, Peugeot, and Yamaha as well as many more.

This complete unit is priced at an unbelievable low price compared to OE prices or even buying these items individually from VE dealers, there is a substantial saving to be made by buying the complete unit as shown.

All RRP prices are available from a VE appointed dealer.

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